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151 Ways to Attract More Clients

Fabienne Fredrickson
June 28, 2012

checklistIt’s not always easy for solo-entrepreneurs and small business owners to attract more clients, quickly and consistently. These tips will help.

Some you’re doing, some you’re not, but they all work. The key is to slowly and systematically add these to the way you market yourself and you’ll get results. Start today, and do one at a time.

  • Come from a Full Practice Mentality
  • Follow up with all prospects in less than 48 hours
  • Define your ideal client very specifically
  • Write out your Unique Selling Propositions
  • Write out what separates you from competition
  • Craft and memorize an elevator speech
  • Join a breakfast networking group
  • Start doing your own workshops
  • Get hired for speaking engagements
  • Have a Client Attractive business card that gets you business
  • Create a website that excites prospects
  • Create a one-sheet flyer or brochure
  • Referrals – educate, nurture, ask, reward
  • Give clients birthday gifts
  • Always add extra value
  • Niche your practice
  • Master the “money conversation”
  • Have a rate sheet
  • Offer several programs
  • Figure out the hours you want to work
  • Cluster your client appointments to make time for your marketing
  • Get clear on where your best clients have come from
  • Don’t be a secret; get out there
  • Focus on your top 5 or 10 clients for referrals
  • Don’t ever discount
  • Take the edge off by offering a guarantee
  • Use technology to get clients while you sleep
  • Keep a Warm Prospects List for easy follow up
  • Don’t be needy for clients (keep your day job if you need to)
  • Educate your environment with an introduction letter
  • Ask personal advocates for referrals
  • Communicate what a GOOD lead for you is
  • Communicate what a BAD lead for you is
  • Talk about benefits and results, not features!
  • Set up incentives for referrals
  • Get testimonials from your raving fans
  • Raise your rates
  • Have a success partner
  • Get a really good marketing and business coach
  • Don’t sell: show how you solve problems and add value
  • FOCUS: a strong focus now creates different future later
  • Ask clients for measurable and tangible results in their goals
  • Make a list of centers of influence
  • Tell everyone what you do
  • Create strategic alliances
  • Make clients feel special
  • Strive for 100% referral based practice
  • Reward people for sending referrals
  • Do regular mailings/postcards
  • Set up your office for efficiency
  • Believe in yourself – write down why you’re really good at this
  • Get a personal board of directors
  • Have options for prospective clients to sample your product or services free of charge
  • Put your expertise on paper and sell it (people love information)
  • Strengthen your strengths by delegating
  • Use buzz words instead of long sentences
  • Set up scripts that work and memorize them
  • Bookend your follow up calls
  • Don’t make a prospect wrong if they don’t sign up
  • Write a book
  • Have open office hours one morning a week
  • Get on boards, get involved in community, be visible
  • Create a signature talk you’re known for
  • Collect names religiously
  • Use a database management system
  • Create an idea book so you can focus on 2 or 3 things max
  • Create a Power Partners wheel
  • Walk your talk – make sure you’re using your own info or product
  • Use client case studies in sales conversations
  • Surround yourself with supporters, not nay-sayers
  • Priorities – work only on things that make money during 9a-5p
  • Celebrate your Wins – don’t take them for granted
  • Teach teleclasses
  • Ask for feedback, suggestions from top clients
  • Create an R&D team
  • Work with groups for more income
  • Do research on new targets and their critical needs
  • Become an expert in your field
  • Position yourself as a problem solver
  • Be a “bridger” – bridge people together
  • Reduce your fees if need be
  • Come up with clever 800 #
  • Brand yourself big time
  • Host a club or association in your industry
  • Write a newspaper column
  • Use your email signature as a Client Attraction tool
  • Host a special interest group
  • Spend extra time with your best clients
  • Have a marketing plan in place vs. doing things ad hoc
  • Get a professional logo
  • Seek out and get to know good networkers
  • Accept credit cards
  • Host brainstorming sessions with clients
  • Write 3 handwritten thank you notes per day
  • Do 5 lunches, breakfasts, coffees per week to spread the word
  • Have all the necessary business equipment
  • Make a list of organizations that need speakers
  • Launch a party for your business
  • Create programs rather than one-time sessions
  • Keep your materials simple – less is more
  • Set up 3 short term goals per month
  • Figure out how much to charge
  • Give 5-10% upfront discount for paying in advance for programs
  • Communicate what you do as if they’re 6 years old
  • Create a list of your credibility factors
  • List the best ways to easily and inexpensively reach ideal clients
  • Figure out what image you must have to make your target audience want to work with you
  • Write newsletters for associations of which you are a member
  • Have a list of speech topics ready to go
  • Be known for one thing
  • Create a call-to-action to make prospects eager to contact you
  • Describe your services in a way that prospects will say, “That’s exactly what I need!”
  • Make your services seem like an exclusive club; cherry-pick clients
  • Estimate with clients how long they would need to work with you
  • In the initial conversation, identify and eliminate obstacles – do this up front
  • Say your name slowly and distinctly
  • Use a tagline – make it easy for them to repeat
  • Practice closing the sale
  • Offer flat fee packages
  • Fake it ‘til you make it – don’t let perfection stop you
  • Break through a crowded market with something unusual
  • Continually check in with past clients or prospects
  • Check local newspaper for groups that meet on regular basis (city business journal)
  • Ask members of your current group what other groups they belong to
  • Create a vision for your business that really pulls you forward
  • Increase your confidence in networking by doing it more often
  • Give simple information/don’t inundate prospects
  • Create regular systems for Client Attraction – so you don’t have to think about it
  • Establish with clients that they are responsible for their results
  • Know when to gracefully say goodbye to a client
  • Set up Policies and Procedures
  • Set boundaries around missed appointments and uphold them
  • Define what’s holding your back from going forward and act on it
  • ‘Dollarize’ what it’s costing them not to move forward with you
  • Package what you know
  • Package what you offer
  • Package what you charge
  • Schedule important marketing tasks in your day planner
  • When speaking – be so passionate that you forget to be nervous
  • When speaking – give your very best material
  • Write conversationally
  • Create an ezine (e-newsletter)
  • Sit down with people one on one, friends, acquaintance, etc. This is where the sale happens
  • In networking, focus on building relationships, not getting clients
  • Become a referral partner for someone who shares your client
  • Make your voicemail outgoing message a Client Attractive one
  • Deal with procrastination (now, not later!)
  • Ask! Ask! Ask!
  • Write 5 articles on your expertise
  • Have a varied marketing plan
  • Be authentic in everything you do

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