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How To Define What You Really Do In Business

Fabienne Fredrickson
February 17, 2012

What do you really do? This is a common problem amongst entrepreneurs but it is especially problematic among those who do more than one thing in their business. For today’s video strategy, I want to ask you a few questions that will help define your business. These strategies will help you get more clients by making it easy for prospects to understand what you offer, which will eventually make you more money in your business. Let’s get started!

I suggest to all my clients: Be known for one thing and one thing only. Most people, though, are good at several things – like a nutritionist who also does Reiki, offers Bach flower remedies and teaches jujitsu! Or a coach who offers a combination of life, business and spiritual coaching. These entrepreneurs have a problem defining what they do and as a result, it’s not always easy for prospects to connect the dots and see the value there. What the customers needs most is a tight definition of exactly what you do, so they can feel comfortable saying: “Oh! I know exactly what you do and I want to work with you!”

Sometimes, entrepreneurs will take these different things they’re interested in and create two or three different businesses that they market at the same time. This is a difficult predicament to be in because, as it is impossible for one person to successfully drive two cars or ride two horses at the same time – it’s nearly as difficult to successfully market two or more different businesses at the same time. I don’t know if any one that can truly do that without sacrificing one or the other, so I recommend not doing that! The solution has to do with the answer to this question: Do all roads lead to Rome?

Do the many different services, methodologies, modalities and products you offer in your business take clients to the same result? Said otherwise, is everything that you teach or offer leading your clients to the same ultimate end result? Let me give you myself as an example: Yes, I am an expert at marketing, and also at mindset, systems, client management, the spiritual element of Client Attraction, closing the sale, and even Internet marketing and information marketing. Each of those roads leads to attracting more clients. Client Attraction is the “umbrella” or the catch up for everything that I offer. No matter what I am teaching, it helps you get more clients. All my roads lead to client attraction. What about you?

Think about all that you offer your clients. Ask yourself: How does it all make sense and fit into one neat little package? You can do lots of things and teach different things, but what is the umbrella that captures it all? If something doesn’t fit under the umbrella, then perhaps you shouldn’t offer it. Or, find a way to switch up your business to make all your offerings fit into one cohesive package. The key is to have one unified way. This is what I help my clients define.

Your Video Assignment
Ask yourself some tough questions: Do all my “roads” lead to Rome?  What is my “Rome” or “umbrella”? What do I offer my clients and where do all of these things lead?

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