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Know your strategic alliances and best referral partners

Fabienne Fredrickson
January 11, 2012

To make networking even more effective for you (and to quickly increase your results), you’ll want to not only try to meet your ideal clients, but strategic alliances as well.

Strategic alliances are people who share the same target audience or clients as you do, but whose company or service doesn’t overlap with yours. Strategic alliances are usually your best referral partners and, in many cases, you’ll have many different ones.

Here’s an example of a strategic alliance scenario: If you were an Accountant/CPA, these are what some of your strategic alliances could look like:

  • Financial Advisor
  • Personal Financial Planner
  • Bookkeeper
  • Attorney
  • Insurance Broker
  • Small Business Banker
  • Business Coach

All of these types of people are possible referral partners to you AND share the same type of client without offering what you offer or competing with you.

The idea is that these people’s contact lists and mailing lists are full of your prospects and in teaming up, you could both help each other spread the word and refer your clients to each other.

Your Client Attraction Assignment:

Make a list of which industries or types of businesses share the same client you do and see what you can do to share your resources. Perhaps you can do a seminar together, combine mailing lists for double the exposure of direct mailings, send a letter of endorsement to your clients about your Strategic Partner and vice versa, etc.

Extra credit assignment:
You can also consider a Strategic Alliance to be an organization made up of your Ideal Client whose mailing list is made up of hundreds of thousands of your targets. This is another great way of aligning yourself. How could you work something out together that would benefit everyone involved and help you both attract new clients?

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