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How to Create Content that Attracts Clients

Fabienne Fredrickson
January 20, 2012

I’m asked all the time how I manage to create all this new content each and every week for my weekly ezine.   I have a process I’ve been using for years that allows me to come up with lots of new content so that I don’t have to recycle it very often.

I start by thinking about “who” it is that I most want to attract. When you’re being haphazard with your content, it’s too easy to attract all sorts of prospects. But, if you’re in a place in your business where you’re very clear on who your ideal client is and who it is exactly that you want to attract, you start to pay more attention. It becomes a matter of identifying what it is that your ideal client needs most, right now.

When I’m on the phone with a client and he or she expresses a concern or tells me about a particular issue they are having, I jot it down on a post-it note, stick it to my wall and then continue on with my teaching. Before long, I start collecting these great topics for future articles that will solve my prospects’ problems and attract more ideal clients to my business.

I also identify issues that I’m going through because very often our ideal clients are a lot like us. Think about the challenges you personally go through and how your experiences can benefit others like you. Make a list. When you have 12 or 13 then you’ve got an entire three months’ worth of editorial content. Put it together in an editorial schedule and you’ve got a specific list of topics you can plug right into your calendar.

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Take the following 4 easy steps to create editorial content that will attract your ideal clients every time:

  1. Think about what type of clients you want to attract, right now. If you’re not attracting the type of clients you want, consider changing your content.
  2. Make a list of the topics that would appeal to them. What are they having a hard time with right now?
  3. How can you position yourself as the problem solver? You want to provide solutions. Believe it or not, people don’t buy processes, they buy solutions!
  4. Map it out on your calendar.

There you have it—your process for creating content that solves your ideal client’s problems, while attracting those same people to your business. Now, get writing…and good luck!

  • Thank you for a great tip. Many entrepreneurs are being so much involved into the process that they have rarely time to step back and look into the whole picture. This post gave me that opportunity.

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