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I cried all day long…

Fabienne Fredrickson
November 1, 2011

There gets to be a time in your life when you know deep inside that it’s time to leave the old “you” behind, and step into the next big version of yourself.

This happened for me a few years ago, and I sobbed and sobbed from morning to night the day I realized I was meant to be playing a bigger game in my business and in service to the world.

So, what does it take to play a bigger game, anyway, and what do you have to do to walk away from playing too small?

And what was it that triggered me crying alllllll day long? Find out what happened and see me walk you through it all by watching the video

In this video, I talk about what needs to happen on the INSIDE for you to work with 200 or 2000 clients, as opposed to just 20 (and be handsomely rewarded for it.)

Actually, there are *7* ways that you sabotage your efforts every single day without even realizing it (I know, scary, but it’s not your fault, and it’s easy to fix.)

Click the link below to see what they are and why you’re keeping yourself playing too small and why it’s affecting you, your business, and what you make:

How to Play a Bigger Game

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It’s the second video of a BRAND NEW free-training program about how to stop playing small and play a much bigger game than you’re playing now.

If there is ONE video series from me that you watch this year – please let it be this one. The hundreds of comments pouring in from those who’ve watched just the first video in the series are really moving and touching:

How to Play a Bigger Game

The video is pure content and teaching from meon how you can play a biggergame and change the world.

p.s. If you liked my free gift that I gave you recently teaching you how to manifest new clients – you will LOVE this. And, there is no catch here. Just another way on my part to help you share your brownies with the world.

p.p.s. Can you do me a favor though? I need you to help spread the love and share my video with your friends, OK? Alone, I can do so little, but together, you and me sharing this in a big way, we can have an even BIGGER impact:

How to Play a Bigger Game

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