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Official Press Release: My Thought-Provoking Video Issues a Challenge to Women Entrepreneurs to Play a Bigger Game

Fabienne Fredrickson
October 31, 2011

Last week I released my first video for my  brand-new 4-part “How to Play a Bigger Game” training program for entrepreneurs and small business owners. In it, I  addressed a statement made by the Dalai Lama at the Vancouver Peace Summit in 2009. He said, “The world will be saved by the Western woman.” (You can view the official press release here.)

I do agree but I feel that the Dalai Lama was off just a little bit in his statement about the future, as I explain in the first video of the series, entitled Dream a Bigger Dream. My announcement was met with some controversy however my intent was not to offend but rather to challenge women entrepreneurs to start playing a much bigger game in their businesses.

I know from personal experience that self-imposed limits and internal struggles hold people back from achieving their full potential. But several years ago I made the decision to step up and step out and committed herself to reaching as many as I could in order to share my unique talents and abilities with other entrepreneurs who needed these solutions. I ended up crossing the million dollar mark in my own business at the age of 38 and has subsequently doubled my business nearly every year to the multi-million dollar level and more importantly works with thousands of clients, helping to change their businesses and lives—and the lives of those around them.

Now I am sharing my proven step-by-step women business coaching system in my brand new, never-before-seen high content, high value free training program, teaching entrepreneurs and small business owners around the globe my insider secrets to playing a bigger game in business, serving many more clients and making more money.

This training program will culminate on my one-time-only free training call where I’ll reveal additional content and tie each training video together for a step-by-step process guaranteed to result in more clients, more income and a bigger purpose for each viewer’s business and life.

My first video training, where I teach my Abundance Formula (the very same one that I use with  clients and students) was just released to hundreds of rave reviews from participants.(See comments on the video page.)

So, what does Playing a Bigger Game have to do with the Dalai Lama’s statement? We entrepreneurs have the ability to change people’s lives through the work we do. It’s our divine duty to get out there and reach as many people as possible. With each client we help, we create a ripple effect that contributes to everlasting change in the world.

Register for my mportant, in-depth training program, at absolutely no charge at Video #1 is live and you can access it immediately—and yes, you’ll also get my full explanation on why I think the Dalai Lama was off just a little bit in his statement. Hear me out, ok? Watch the video here.

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