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How I personally take action

Fabienne Fredrickson
October 20, 2011

Here’s what happens when you don’t keep track and take action:

A few years ago I had a year of retooling and re-gearing. I knew that I was on the cusp of making it REALLY big in my business, but I knew something had to change or be tweaked in order for it to happen. I had a deep ‘knowing’ that my calling wasn’t about just helping people MARKET their small businesses, but also helping them get out of their own way, giving them permission to succeed, and then all the tools to do so.

Yet, knowing this, I kept asking the Universe for a sign, for guidance, for a hint as to how my business would need to be tweaked.

It seemed that ‘they’ weren’t answering my multiple requests, they weren’t giving me any guidance, no direction whatsoever. I couldn’t figure out why they would withhold this information from me! And I was frustrated as hell.

Until the answer nearly slapped me across the face.

It’s NOT that they weren’t giving me guidance, they WERE! I was just so busy running around, being distracted, working too hard and too fast to actually NOTICE all the signs, opportunities and signals that were coming my way from many different directions. Because what you pay attention to, what you focus on, what you’re grateful for, you get more of.

OK, now that you’ve kept track of the signs, it’s time to take action

They were answering my every request and yet I was moving too fast to pay attention.

When I finally figured out what was going on, I put a pause button on everything I was doing, everything I was reading, every project I had my hands in. I took the entire contents of my two office bookcases and put everything in the garage. I took a sabbatical from it all (except my clients, of course) for one whole month.

No books, no magazines, no home study systems, no teleclasses, no CD courses, no nothing. For a whole month.

(Well, actually I cheated a little. I did read People magazine each week, but I thought that was OK. Not too thought provoking.)

What I got from my 3-4 week hiatus was 3 things:

1) Clarity

2) Focus

3) Signs!

It became so clear, once all the mental clutter was gone, that they WERE indeed trying to talk to me, but I was simply discounting the little opportunities that came my way, thinking I was supposed to get BIGGER signals.

Here’s what I learned from that. Instead of the skies parting, and the heavens opening up with the answer to my requests, the Universe actually sends you little opportunities, little whispers, little coincidences. It’s all much more subtle than you’d think, and if you’re too busy or too numbed out, then you can’t hear it.

So, I decided to keep track of it all and to actually CELEBRATE and record each sign, each new client, each opportunity, each hint or bit of intuition.

Because if I didn’t, it would be fleeting and then I’d wonder why I wasn’t getting the answers.

For example, if I ignore the joint venture opportunity that my VA wrote me about and don’t follow up on it, what happens to it?

It would fizzle away. So I follow up on it.

If a customer inquires about paying for my home study system via Paypal rather than using a credit card and I ignore it?

It would go away. So we make sure she can pay with Paypal.

If a reporter from Entrepreneur magazine calls and says they want to do a story on my approach to helping women become more successful in their businesses, and I don’t call her back?

It wouldn’t get me closer to my goal. So, I call her back and we set up the interview.

See, you have to make sure you take action on the things that come to you.

They’re all there, coming to you for a reason.

So, NOTICE the opportunities you’ve listed in your spiral notebook and TAKE ACTION. That’s the Universe at work to give you what you want.

Get your marketing plan in place, set it up on autopilot and get moving (The Client Attraction Home Study System™ will help you figure out how to do just that.)

Use your own version of this “Acknowledge your successes” notebook and keep it on your desk each day. Fill it out so that you have at least 5 successes that you can write down. It’ll force you to 1) look for opportunities where you weren’t seeing them before, and 2) it’ll get you into an Attitude of Gratitude.

This is something that takes just a minute here and there throughout the day, but it’s so powerful for helping you attract what you want, that you’ll find yourself WANTING to do it everyday.

If you do this consistently, like I do, you too will see new ways of getting clients, new ways of marketing authentically, new ways of making money that you’ve never experienced before.

And it’s SO much easier than working HARD for it.

And I hope you do.

Enjoy your new clients, you new income and knowing that you don’t have to work yourself to the bone to make it all happen.

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