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Create a Stellar Experience for Potential Customers (recommended video)

Fabienne Fredrickson
June 2, 2011

I came across this video of Social Media Expert, Gary Vaynerchuk that I want to pass on to you. Gary is the New York Times bestselling author of Crush It and his newest book, The Thank You Economy. (Love both of his books…)

He’s got a great message about the importance of building relationships and getting to know your potential customers and clients, making one on one connections with them, caring about them, appreciating them and gaining their trust. How are you reaching out and touching your potential clients everyday? This video will get you thinking.

It’s short. Take a few minutes to watch it here:

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  • I love both of Gary’s books too – such right on messages.

  • Love me some Gary Vee! He so just GETS it.

  • Donna Thomas

    Rough but real!

  • Right on target. My favorite thing he said is that he lives 5 years from now. Exactly what I try to get companies to do when it comes to corporate vision and mission. Thanks Fabienne for sharing and pointing us to this. I’ll have to check out his books.

  • “They wanna golf!” How true. “Businesses have to change.” Great messages, thanks for sharing Fabienne.

  • Thanks so much for sharing Fabienne. Appreciation marketing is an awesome concept to implement!

  • Love it! Thanks for sharing and now the book is on my to read list.

  • I just ordered both of his books. Thanks for sharing this resource, Fabienne!

  • Who cares if he’s a little rough around the edges – I don’t. He is a visionary. Great stuff.

  • Thank you Fabienne!

    I loved this video! I re-posted it on my blog and linked your post sharing some ideas for thanking our customers and clients.

    I appreciate you and I’m loving what I’m learning in your client attraction system! 🙂 Wish I had ordered it 2 years ago, when I first found you…I just needed to grow into the idea I guess and get past the “stuck in learning limbo” mode I was in! LOL


  • Some great insight. Think I’ll put in my credit card and click send to get his book. Better yet do you think he would send me a Kindle. 🙂 Thanks for sharing this video.

  • I believe in “Thank You” marketing but had not considered using the my Twitter or other social media channels in the ways Gary V. describes. Thanks for the eye opening content.

  • what an awesome speaker! thanks for sharing!

  • We love Gary. My hubby found him years ago on Wine Library and I love the way he has transitioned his business. He is a truly forward thinking individual. Thank you Fabienne for sharing!

  • LaurieMillard

    Gary Vee’s concepts form the foundation of our service business. Fabienne, we hope you’ll keep him around.

    Laurie M.

  • Uh, that was AWESOME!!! thanks for always sharing such valuable info!

  • Reading his first book CRUSH IT. Love it! Thanks for posting this…

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