Here we are at our home with Sapphire Elite clients Diane Conklin and Gail Saseen (and our little Oliver, who loves them to bits) - Small Business Coach, Women Business Coaching - Client Attraction

Here we are at our home with Sapphire Elite clients Diane Conklin and Gail Saseen (and our little Oliver, who loves them to bits)

Fabienne Fredrickson
May 14, 2011

Thursday was an AMAZING in-person day in our home with our yummy private coaching clients (and friends) Diane Conklin and Gail Saseen of Complete Marketing Systems. This is their second round as part of the Sapphire level of the Winners Academy and when I asked them why they’d signed up again, they shared with me how much they’d made and grown last year and how much they’d accomplished (it was an emotional recap for all.) Yes, they practically doubled their already very successful income, by 172% to be exact, after completely rebranding their company, massively increasing their visibility and bringing on new team members to handle all the new clients and growth. It’s been so fun to be part of the transformation process with them.

So, on their second half-day private consult in my home, we tripled their income-goal for the next 12 months, are doubling their staff to handle all the new business, all so they can offer even more done-for-you marketing services and expand their bandwidth for coaching, consulting and offering mastermind programs. They’re now creating new programs and offerings, they have new strategies for increasing conversion rates on existing programs, and are planning a BIG program launch later this year using the specific marketing sequences and timing we mapped out together. Whew!

But it wasn’t ALL work! (You know me!) Before a fabulous lunch of lobster and citrus salad, filet mignon and creme brulee (their favorite foods) we also scheduled their 3 weeks of vacation (plus one additional month off), solidified their plans for moving to a fabulous new house and getting additional personal assistance. All in all, it was a very productive session and now they have another year of private calls with me and Derek to make sure they reach their goals. (As I like to say, “Today was a good day!”) You can find out more about the Winners Academy here.

I just want to THANK YOU for of the overwhelming number of outstanding comments you posted about my no-charge Video Training Course on exactly how to join the top 5% of solo-business income-earners (all content, no pitch). I poured my heart into these and I can’t wait to see what comments you post (and yes, feel free to invite others to sign up too. That’s OK with me.) You can get instant access to the first three high-content videos using this link. Or go to to view them now.


  • And what a terrific day it was too. For many reasons! Words can never fully express the gratitude, love, thankfulness, joy, growth and I could go on and on, that we have for all you have done for us. Watch us soar!

    We love you very much!

  • What a wonderful day indeed. It’s absolutely amazing what you can get done in a fully engaged half day. We definitely got what we came for PLUS extra goodies!

    Thank you so much for being totally Yummy, transparent and authentic. That’s why we keep coming back for more!

    Much Love and Gratitude
    Gail SASEEN

  • Well done Gail and Diane – looking forward to the growth in your business and watching you ladies grow!

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