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A Small Drop Creates BIG Ripples

Fabienne Fredrickson
July 27, 2010

My Intention: What I Will Share Tonight Means So Much To Me…

I get emotional just thinking about this. I am so deeply passionate and in complete faith that what I offer tonight for thousands of people will change lives. Not only do I intend to have this message on having the right mindset to succeed change the lives of those on the call, but as a small drop in a big pond, the ripple effect will mean so much more. Because, the lives changed tonight will pass onto others whose lives will be changed. Growing their business and have the income and abundance they desire does more that just add money to their bottom line. It allows people to get out there in a really BIG way and make a difference in the world. To contribute, to learn, to grow

From my own personal journey, I can share this and know from my own perspective it can have such an impact for so many

I will show you how to break through any self-imposed barriers currently stopping you from multiplying your income. How to increase your confidence by removing the limiting beliefs and self doubt. Finally, put an end to your struggle so you can FINALLY live the freedom-based lifestyle you deserve. Help you uncover the hidden reasons why you’re not making more money. Show you how to discover the exact process to shift your mindset and income. And lastly, upgrade everything about your life, personally and professionally.

I’ve never done a call like this before and I’m not sure I ever will.

Don’t miss the chance to join me…


  • Wow, I feel Like Fabienne does right now on this subject, very emotional, I believe as well that we are all meant to share our information with the eachother, If I share my knowledge to other women which is my goal, more women would live productived happier lives, and then they pass it on and on like a ribble affect! This will be fabulous for our world to come, it’s all about our energy, I believe sharing is caring, and we all need to bond together to see positive change in the world!

    So I say go Fabienne go! I am with you 250% let’s share what we know, the universe is huge and like attracts like! Whoooooooo Hooooo:)

  • Looking forward to the call, Fabienne. I know that your information, on mindset, will change lives – and thus, by tomorrow morning, the whole world will be affected! Pretty exciting……so happy to be part of it!

    Big hugs to YOU!


  • Fabienne Fredrickson

    Thanks, Luisa. So glad this resonated with you… I’m going to go in depth into this topic tonight on a free call. Register for the call below, even if you can’t make it live tonight. (I’ll send you the recording tomorrow.):


    See you on the call!

    Big hugs,

  • Fabienne Fredrickson

    Thanks so much for your kind words, Pat! I know how much you believe in what I believe in, that this stuff literally shifts peoples’ lives. It’s pretty moving actually. I can’t wait to hear you on the line!


  • Hi Fabienne-I would love to be a part of this process-this evening I was watching Tony Robbins change mindsets with the release of his new show “Breakthroughs with Tony Robbins” at the 8PM time slot-is there any way I could get an audio of tonights call? I look ofrward to the August call as well.
    Thank you-Carla

  • Oh Fabienne, I think I need to take a break! I’ve been marketing all day now. I just opened up your email and thought it said “The giggle effect” instead of “The ripple effect.” : )

  • I was not able to make it on the call. Anyway to hear it?

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