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A revelation I keep having about success in business…

Fabienne Fredrickson
July 17, 2010

So, I got an email this morning and then a call from one of my yummy Sapphire clients today.

She was shocked, a little dazed and kinda surprised.

She got her P&L statement from her accountant yesterday.

Last month, for the first time ever, she made close to $83,000.

In one month.

Doing what she loves, being aligned with her highest purpose here on earth.

(By the way, all of my Sapphire clients are on their way to an authentic million dollar business in the next twelve months, with my help.)

At first, it was hard for her to let it sink in. Holy @#$*!

She kept saying, “Wow, I can’t believe it” and I kept reminding her that if she wants to continue making that each and every month, she HAS to start believing it, on a core deep level. Otherwise, it’ll just be a fluke.

And if you know (just like all my students know by heart) that a million dollars a year is $83,333.33 each month, then it’s important that she believes it.

And that’s the most important work for her and my clients. TO BELIEVE that this is normal. That it can happen every month.

You see, once you believe it’s normal, and you begin to confidently and quietly EXPECT that in your life, that’s when it happens over and over again.

That’s the important work. To stop focusing on the how (for some time) and to really focus on OWNING it.

That’s the “juice” for me. It’s my favorite thing in the world to do!

Taking an already successful entrepreneur, one who is aligned with her purpose, and taking her to the next big evolution of her business, and for some, that means the million dollar level.

I’ve successfully done this several times this year already, taking clients past their million dollar sales goals. And the funny thing is, the coaching is never really about the marketing. Well, it is, to some extent. But mostly, it’s almost *always* about the mindset and who she must BECOME first, then everything else follows, including the big money.

THAT is the sweet spot for me, transmitting this skill set, and I could do it all day long.

It’s always about the mindset.

Something for you to think about. (In fact, please tell me your thoughts by posting a comment below.)


  • I have realized during the course of this past year that it really is about the mindset. So much has shifted for me this year and it just keeps getting better. A year ago I had a solid business but my mindset was not where it needed to be. This year I have already made more money in the first 4 months than I did all last year, and to see how far I’ve stretched and grown has been tremendous. I’m doing things I never would have thought possible and seeing myself in a whole new light.

    When I find myself getting in my own way, I think back to your words, Fabienne – “Ask and it is given, always”. It helps me to shift my mindset and stay focused on where I am heading. Thanks for all your positive words – you’re making a big difference for so many people!

  • Hi Fabienne,

    great post and I thoroughly agree – everything starts within the mind!



  • Fabienne, it is always so inspiring and encouraging to read about the good work you are doing with your clients – and it IS all about the mindset. “As human beings, we move towards, and become like, that which we think about.” It’s just that simple……now, if only…….we would all BELIEVE that it is just that simple……wow – we’d all be millionaires. What fun! Keep up the good work!


  • Fabianne, It’s so true about mindset! As Dr. Wayne Dyer said, “If you can believe it, you’ll see it.”
    Look forward to my 83,333.33$K month coming up!–:)


  • Fabienne Fredrickson

    Michele, your words mean the world to me! Congratulations on making more this year in 4 months than you did all last year. YAY!

  • Fabienne Fredrickson

    Thanks for your sweet words, Pat. You are such a wonderful person, and someone with so much to share, and so many lives to impact. (Everyone, watch out for Pat Mussieux. She rocks!)

  • Fabienne Fredrickson

    Skye, just burn that number into your brain, OK? I want to see you do it, and if I can help you with the mindset part, it would be my honor. Hugs! 🙂

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