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How to ‘charge more’ and actually ‘get it.’ [new training video]

Fabienne Fredrickson
June 23, 2010

I hear this a lot from new clients: they don’t know what to charge or where to start with their pricing.

I just shot this new video tonight that reveals 2 techniques you’re probably not using yet that you can use starting today to charge a lot more and get it.

Let me know how you like it by posting a comment here, OK?

(HINT: For the right high-value program, marketed well, people will pay more than you initially think they will (even people with ‘no money’!) When someone wants something very badly, they will move mountains to find the money to pay for it, every time, without fail.)

OK, let me know what you think by posting a comment below.

Talk to you later…


p.s. – if you want all 8 tips on price elasticity go here:

  • Thanks for the info.
    I have been wondering how to price, this video gave me inspiration!

  • Awesome video and 2 great tips. Thanks Fabienne:-)

  • So very true – increasing your prices is a great (and easy) way to make more money and the done for you business is great as well. We do a lot of this and it’s very lucrative.

    More great tips from Fabienne

  • Two really great tips Fabienne, thank you.

  • I wonder if you could make transcripts available for those of us who live in the country and whose broadband is sometimes too slow to load videos like this? It can be a problem to listen to video, depending on the speed of connection at the time. And yes, it’s really annoying!!

  • Fabienne,
    Valuable information you provide here. Incorporating your concept of scarcity in a comprehensive marketing campaign is not just nice but critical. If your product or service does have value (if not, get out of the business) clients will want it. Charging a premium for premium service isn’t just a matter of making more money, it’s a mechanism for limiting your own amount of work so you can concentrate and deliver what you promise.

    On your second point – providing a peripheral service beyond what the competition provides – is an attractive proposition. In my business, providing video production, clients expect only a shoot and edit. The hard work for clients in creating a video is not hiring the production company, it’s understanding and implementing video to its most effective advantage. Having a business and communication background, I can also offer a program and outline and marketing points to clients – essentially doing the hard work for them. This is the part that draws them best to my business.

    You’ve distilled this concept to the “done for you” phrase which seems like an obvious business concept but one that many businesses seem to miss to their disadvantage.

    Thanks much!

    Dave Burckhard
    PicturePoint On-line

  • Fabienne! I cannot tell you how much I love these quick videos! They are so helpful. They really reinforce what I already know. Plus they give me great ideas and insights! How does it get any better than this??? I love your 2 tips! I use the “scarcity” one for filling my yoga classes (although it was not intended this way- I actually do have limited space). But MAN O MAN does it work! Big Time.
    Secondly, you really are on to something here with the “Done for You” thing. I have been doing that now, unconsciously. Now I am going to do it with PURPOSE! Whoo hoo!
    P.S. I love your engagment ring, your smile, and how you talk about your “yummy babies”. It is so inspiring. I was often of the limiting belief that if I have a family I would not be able to do my workshops, yoga classes, coaching, speaking or finish writing this book of mine. But your really show us women that our lives do not have to stop and we can still treasure children while we grow, learn and give back to others! Thank you for being a bright light in my life!

  • Fabienne, great tips, as always! I couldn’t agree more because when I actually implemented these 2 things last year in my business, I got immediate results! Price elasticity, baby – that’s the way to go! Thanks, Fabienne……..


  • I LOVE the scarcity concept! Like in “would you like me to put you on my client waiting list?”.

  • Hi Fabienne,
    You are a genius! Love your work, your tips, your insight. Finding you allowed me to fill my coaching program when I was growing my coaching biz. To see how you’ve expanded your business is awe-inspiring.

    I love and appreciate YOU!

  • Looking forward to figuring out how to do this in my business with your programs.

  • I think the scarcity concept is a good idea for my particular business (back of the book indexing) but the “done for you” is not the best fit, as I understand the concept right now. I say this because I have found that when I name my price, often enough the potential customer will say, “Then I’ll do it myself.” I guess not all of Fabienne’s great tips will work equally well for each business, but I will implement what I can.

  • I LOVE the scarcity idea, especially since i am beginning to put together retreats for my niche, and they will offer a very limited number of participants. I must admit, I have been struggling with trying to keep it as affordable as possible for the attendees, to ensure i get all spots taken, but I am now looking at this differently….I know I have a lot to offer those who will attend and I desereve to look out for myself financially, just just them. Thanks!

  • (oops meant not just them)

  • Wow Fabienne! I’m so glad I found you! I think you have a great aura about you and I can see that you’re generous and thoughtful. Not to mention, you have a TON of valuable knowledge to impart to us all. Thanks for taking the time! 🙂 Cam

  • Fabienne,
    This video is VERY slow loading on my broadband – it would be helpful if the speed was adjusted so it does not take so long to load.

  • Eva

    This “special limited time offer” doesn’t work for me,- I run fast as soon as I see it. It’s just so obvious, isn’t it? Do people really go for that? Some of those “offers” have been sitting on the net since years. I love you, BTW: you have a beautiful energy, Fabienne. Thank you for your work!

  • I really like the “Price Elasticity” Tip. Within that tip, you provided two areas which could be a way to attract the customers, and the first area would work well for our business. The second one may, but I will have to have a little more guidance.

    Thank you so much for sharing such great advice. It is truly a pleasure to watch, listen and learn from you.

  • Hi Fabienne, how do you incorporate the idea of scarcity into selling *products*, also customers are resistant to price increases on a known product – how do you get around this?

  • Fabienne, I love your price elasticity tips. I remember them from last year’s MMBW. I need to dig out my notes and implement some of them!

    @Eva, The limited time offer only works if it is *really* a limited time offer. If you give a specific time & date that it will expire, and then really follow through on that. If it’s just a vague “Limited Time Offer!” then I also know the marketer isn’t serious about it. If it’s “Expires Tuesday night at Midnight!” then I know I better get my butt in gear!

    One more thing about price elasticity: When we simplify and cut some of the fat off of our offers, we can charge more for our work and deliver more, while working less. Our customers like it too, because it’s less confusing. Sometimes we throw too much into our offers out of insecurity and fears. But if we polish them like the gems they are, they will shine and the value and brilliance will be visible…

    Have a great weekend, everyone!

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